Red LED Maplight / Cockpit Light, 12V



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Easily installed, dimmable, unobtrusive and efficient, the MAPLIGHT-R-12v has four red LEDs that illuminate simultaneously. This LED MAPLIGHT is compatible with all dimming systems. Each LED MAPLIGHT is manufactured and tested in accordance with FAA-PMA-approved protocols for quality assurance and customer satisfaction.
This 12-volt model is rated for 15 volts DC maximum at 30 milliamps (0.030amps) & is fully adjustable in two directions. The MAPLIGHTs black wire is ground & the other wire is + DC power.
The total installed height when extended is 2.125″ & it mounts in 15/32” thru hole.

The wiring leads are 19 inches long.

For complete details see the Maplight-Information sheet.
The SteinAir MAPLIGHT-BASE allows more secure mounting on thin materials.

Additional Information

Weight0.064 lbs
Dimensions3 x 3 x .5 in