SteinAir is well known for producing the highest quality custom wire harnesses for aircraft. Customers and manufacturers choose us because we offer the best in quality, affordability and customization. We stock nearly 1 Million feet of Aircraft Grade wire in many dozens of different color and stripe combinations as well as multiple offerings of twisted and shielded multi conductor cables. We can encase your leads in expandable sleeving, offer hand tied/laced bundles, etc.

EMAIL us for a quote at  info@steinair.com

We offer harnesses for:

  • Autopilots (Garmin, Dynon)
  • Intercoms / Audio Panels (PS Engineering, Flightcomm, etc..)
  • Radios (Garmin, Dynon, Trig, Avidyne, etc..)
  • LRU’s (Line replaceable Units)
  • EFIS (Dynon, Garmin, GRT, AvMap, Sandia, etc..)
  • Transponders (Garmin, Dynon, Trig, King, MicroAir, Avidyne, etc..)


Just need a few things wired up? We can wire up one unit or your entire radio stack and also provide flying leads to connect to other devices. We will also include a wiring schematic with your harnesses.

Our Equipment

Eubanks CNC controlled Wire Length Cut, Strip & Measuring Machine

Our newest Machine (2005), a $10K + Eubanks CNC controlled Wire Length Cut, Strip & Measuring machine. This thing measures, cuts & strips wire to length, and does literally thousands of pieces per hour!  If you need wire cut to length with spec strip on the end (window or plain) we can do it!

DANIELS DMC “Vibra Feed” DUAL BOWL Automatic Pin Crimper

Our DANIELS DMC “Vibra Feed” DUAL BOWL Automatic Pin Crimper. This machine allows us to repeatedly and quickly make MIL SPEC crimps on machined contacts and was purchased specifically for the M39029 series standard D-Sub contacts at a cost of over $12K! These machines are the best of the best and why you should trust your harnesses to us!

Harness Boards Harness Production

Harness Boards

With a background in the Airline Business and the Military along with decades of experience, our technicians are used to doing things the right way! This means harness boards for the layout and assembly of harnesses, along with non-damaging mechanical wire harness holders as pictured. This “wall” allows us to do ver long harnesses to your specifications!

Wire Segment Racks

One of our wire segment racks holding hundreds of pieces of wire that have been processed, cut, window stripped and are ready for assembly.  Note the large assortment of colors.  These are for a harness which uses nearly 37 different color combinations of wire, along with 2 types of thermocouple wire.  These harnesses eventually are used in an Engine Monitor Application.  We do approximately 200 of these per month.

Aircraft Wire Rack

Wire Storage Areas

One of 4 wire storage areas.  This is standard aircraft grade Tefzel wire which we stock for customer sales.  We also will stock for your harness project any wire which you might requrie including BMS, Thermocouple, Coax, etc.

Heatshrink Tubing

Thousands of pieces of custom printed heatshrink tubing (3:1 ratio) for customer engine monitor harnesses.  This is not cheapo heatshrink wire printed on a handheld label printer, but professionally printed and cut for per customer harness requirements.  We can get printed heatshrink in virtually any color and size combination, as well as shrink combination.  We utilize heatshrink from 2:1 up to 5:1 ratio in house.   Buy Heatshrink

Harness Examples

Our harnesses are built entirely with Mil-Spec aviation components, wire, connectors, pins etc.. Wire is M22759/16 Tefzel, Pins are machined crimp mil spec, Coax is RG-400.  All bundles are professionally tied, wrapped, or encapsulated in expandable sleeving.