Just need a few things wired up? We can wire up one unit or your entire radio stack and also provide flying leads to connect to other devices. We will also include a wiring schematic with your harnesses. Rates vary based on type of harness and equipment, ie, Electronic flight instrument systems (EFIS), Primary Flight Displays (PFD), Coms, Navs, Transponders, ADS-B, etc..

     Extra cost may occur if you are using used, obsolete, or salvaged equipment.  The reason for this is because we often seem to get burned when the equipment sent to us is faulty or will not function as intended -causing further troubleshooting, design changes, and a delay in production time on our end. Our business is mostly focused on modern equipment. We are not interested in being a salvaged avionics troubleshooting/repair shop.

     We want to save you time on your project. We can handle the wiring while you focus on the build. That’s our niche and we aim to do well. We also offer support on our work. We strive to uphold a good reputation in this industry.

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