Panel Building

We are proud to offer our custom panel building services.

We have a great deal of experience building custom panels for your aircraft, and have done panels from small LSA “light planes” to larger and more complex Aircraft.

Why have us do your panel? 4 Reasons:


Our people are current pilots, homebuilders, avionics techs and engineers who’ve actually built & fly airplanes, and have Decades of experience with avionics, from small aircraft to 747’s & Airbus along with everything in between! We arguably have more actual homebuilding experience and flight time behind the products we sell/service/install than any other shop in the country.


Think that’s not important, well – IT IS! We know what it’s like to actually USE the products 1st hand and can give personal insight as to what might fit your needs best! We don’t force you to choose products you won’t actually use or need.


YOU control the Design/Layout of your panel, the color & finish, and determine what is installed. Better yet, we do NOT require you to buy all the components from us. We’ll help you save money on the entire panel. Many times we can save you enough money on components, avionics and other items that it will nearly pay for us to do the panel for you! We’ll create the panel you want at an affordable price to fit within your budget.


Before you decide that having a panel professionally built is too expensive, give us a call. You might find that by working a few extra hours at your job or just simply saving several hundred hours doing this yourself can be more economical than you might think. Also consider that several customers of our can testify first hand that it’s easy to blow up $40K, $50K or even more dollars worth of avionics within seconds!

Other Panel Options

Full Build

We offer a finished instrument panel starting with the initial design, leading into fabrication, paint and labels, and complete wiring for the avionics, switches, circuit breakers, and ancillary items.

Partial Build

Many folks prefer that we do certain portions of their panel project. Wiring these instruments can be confusing and time consuming. Let us do it for you!

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Paint Colors

Our panels are professionally painted at a local automotive body shop.
We offer custom colors, hydro-graphics, and carbon fiber overlay.
All graphics are then laser engraved for finish that will last a lifetime.

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