PS Engineering

PS Engineering

Since its founding in 1985, PS Engineering has grown to become the undisputed leader in the field of aircraft intercom and audio panel manufacturing.

PDA360EX –   This audio panel is an advanced audio panel that is designed for the experimental aircraft. The list of capabilities are IntelliAudio(R). IntelliVox(R), Bluetooth(R), USB charging port, and a soft-key/graphics display user interface making the operation  exceedingly simple to use.  2-Year ProSupport warranty.

PAR200B This revolutionary approach to reducing the cost of upgrading your avionics, will make it affordable to upgrade aircraft whose primarily mission is for pleasure.  Integrating the audio panel, intercom, and com radio into one foot print reduces costs, weight, and panel space, not to mention installation costs. 2-Year ProSupport Warranty

PS engineering PAR200B Audio Panel

PMA450 Series With licensed patented technology from the USAF, IntelliAudio® makes its debut to the General Aviation pilot. True dimensional sound allows the pilot the ability to place Com audio in different positions, making discerning important information easier . 2-Year ProSupport Warranty

PMA8000 Series The PMA8000 Series is their flagship audio panel, providing the platform that specific capabilities can be included, or stick with the basic panel.  

From PMA8000B to the newest PMA8000G, the pilot selects which model that best meets their mission.  While our automatic VOX “IntelliVox® is standard in models, variations of the PMA8000 series can include Bluetooth®, IntelliAudio®, and flightmate®3-Year ProSupport Warranty