Paint Colors


We have our parts painted at a local automotive body shop once the metal work is complete. They use a BASF paint brand called Glasurit. Glasurit paints employ state-of-the-art European technology that gives the ultimate blend of speed, ease of use, color match and durability. The rich liquid color and deep brilliant gloss defines Glasurit as a world-class finish. Only Glasurit delivers a comprehensive system of perfectly matched products and processes from primer to clearcoat. Long considered a worldwide standard of excellence, Glasurit continues to deliver the productivity and quality that discriminating collision repair businesses demand.

The paint shop is able to match any color sample we provide them. They also have a data base of colors they can use to look up a make and model of a particular vehicle. If you have a very specific color in mind you can send us a sample or a paint chip and we’ll bring it over to have it matched.


Once we get them back from the paint shop, we then laser engrave the graphics and fill the letters with acrylic paint. A flat finish looks nice, however, it has been our experience that this shows the greatest amount of dust, fingerprints,  and smudges. We highly recommend a semi-gloss finish on every panel. This allows for the greatest glare reduction as well as showing the least amount of fingerprints and smudges on the panel.


3 Ways to select your panel color:

  • Choose from the selection below.
  • Send us a sample or card to match.
  • Select an automotive color (year/make/model).