About Us


About Us

Our Mission: To provide good products at great prices with super customer service.

You’ll notice we’re no longer the cheapest guys around, but there comes a point when running a real business that we have to price things at a level which will allow us to stay in business over the long term.  We’re airplane builders just like you, and we don’t work out of a garage.  In order to keep the business viable, sometimes that means not being the cheapest guy out there, so we try to add value in other areas!

SteinAir, Inc. is Located in the southern Twin Cities Metro area of  Minnesota.  We are a small business with a specific focus, and desire to provide our customers with good products at great prices with super customer service.  Being homebuilders ourselves, we know EXACTLY what our customers are dealing with.  When you call or write us, you won’t get some clerk who knows nothing about airplanes, instead you’ll get someone who’d built multiple airplanes, worked on everything from Cessna’s to 747’s, and is a professional in this area.

Our Team

Our Team

Stein Bruch

President & CEO
(A&P, FCC, PPL) RV6’s Built & Flying – The 4th MULLICOUPE going together!

Jed Gregerson

General Manager
(A&P, PPL)  Built RV-6, RV-7, and RV-9. Flying RV-7

Christer Stenstrom

Avionics Expert / Tech Support
(FAA – A&P, PPL, FCC) 1947 Cessna 120, RV4, Built and flying RV8

Nick Millard

Operations Director
Sport Pilot

Doyle Stoll

Sr. Avionics Technician

Doug Law

Director of Engineering & Chief Inspector
Electrical Engineer, Draftsman, R&E

Danny Jones

Project Technician / Laser Technician / eCommerce Specialist

Josh Swenson

Senior Manager

Blake Roller

CNC Operator / Metal Fabrication