Garmin GAD-27 Electronic Adapter Unit



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The GAD 27 electronic adapter unit offers multi-functional interface capabilities to bring additional control inputs and systems integration to the G3X Touch™ glass cockpit system. By consolidating functions that otherwise would require several individual adapter modules, the GAD 27 adapter provides a much more efficient, weight-saving and affordable solution that adds capability while streamlining installation on experimental/amateur-built and light sport aircraft.

For aircraft builders and owners who want more cockpit controllability from their G3X Touch display systems, the GAD 27 offers an array of useful interfaces. Its key functions run the gamut from electronic flap position control and configurable dimming for lighting circuits to 3-axis aircraft trim mixing, “wig-wag” exterior lighting control, configurable discrete inputs and voltage bus stabilization to keep all essential avionics online during engine startup.

Additional Information

Weight1.45 lbs
Dimensions9 x 6 x 3 in