Electrical System Planning

We can produce a wiring schematic for your Garmin Avionics or Dynon Avionics system.

Note: We really only show wiring for avionic interconnect systems. We will not provide a full wiring schematic for the entire aircraft.


Avionics Interconnect Drawing


Don’t waste your valuable time spending hours and hours paging through confusing manuals trying to figure out which instruments talk to each other and which wires go where and what gauge the wire is supposed to be.

Simply call us and tell us what instruments you have (or wish to to purchase) and we can make the custom interconnect drawing that works for your system. We can sell you a drawing and send you both a hard copy and an electronic copy. Save the electronic copy in your email or toss it up in the cloud so you have access to your drawing everywhere you fly.

If you purchase your harnesses from us we will include a schematic for everything we provide as well as a few notes on what you may need to hook up yourself.

These drawings are a tremendous value!

*Note these drawings are limited to avionic equipment and/or avionic power distribution only. Our drawings do not include entire aircraft wiring schematics. We do not include aircraft lighting or ignition systems connections. Please refer to those manufacturers recommendations for the proper wiring connections.

Please email your equipment list to sales@steinair.com and we can provide a quote.