Metal Work


SteinAir, Inc. has the capability to create whatever modifications you need to your panel. With our in house CNC capabilities as well as access to an expert aluminum welder, the possibilities are endless. Below are a few pics of modified panels done with customized metal work in aluminum. You imagine it, we build it!

Watch a short video of a RV-7 panel being cut

Whether from a manufactures CAD file (dxf) or digitized from a template you provide, Steinair can cut a panel to fit your needs.

We have a well equipped shop capable of creating nearly any items you need to make your project come to life.

Lathe Machine

We have a lathe! We use this to make some custom tooling.

CNC Machine

Our CNC Machine is really neat! Our CNC machinist does impressive work with this machine.

Laser Cutting

We have a laser that is used to engrave letters and images on our products.


We can cut your panel and mount the avionics, radio stack,  and all other switches and circuit breakers.

Buss Bars

We can create custom copper buss bars for your main buss and avionics buss.