Laser Engraving

Custom Engraving.

We have 100 watt BOSS Laser machine. This laser offers a large 57X37 inch engraving platform which is perfect for laser engraving our aircraft panels. Most of the aircraft panels we build are between 30-45 inches wide.  We use this machine to engrave all of the graphics onto the instrument panels.  The custom laser engraving step in our process takes place after the panel has been painted. Once the panel is place under the laser and carefully aligned, the fun begins. This is a cool machine and these panels really do look fantastic once complete. We’ve had lots of positive feedback on our panel graphics.

Carbon fiber overlay.

We also offer carbon fiber overlay on our instrument panels. In order to put this overlay onto the panel we first cut the panel out of .063 aluminum and use the same cut file to cut the carbon fiber overlay on the laser. The carbon fiber overlay has a strong 3M adhesive backing. We lay the carbon fiber material face down and cut through it with the laser. In order to accomplish this we must use a mirror image of the cut file. Once the material is cut we then remove the adhesive paper and carefully apply the overlay to the clean aluminum panel. After this step it’s off to the paint shop for a semi-gloss clear-coat finish. The clear coat is necessary to  cover any microscopic “pits” or “nibs” and give the carbon fiber overlay a nice smooth finish.


We have experimented with some acrylic placards for N-numbers and throttle knobs. We have been able to get a few usable pieces but there are still some fine tuning to be done with placards. We are working on this and will try to offer this service soon.

Shipping Crates.

When you purchase a panel from us we will pack the whole panel and equipment in a 4 foot crate. We are currently laser engraving the final panel design on the top of the crate. This has been a little extra touch that seems to be well received. Many customer have been mounting the crate lid to the wall in their hangar space.